Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Koyasan has many fascinating places to visit, each with its own unique culture and history. To learn more about all Koyasan has to offer click the Read More link.

The Dai-mon Gate

The Dai-mon Gate is the spiritual gateway to Koyasan. It is protected by two warrior deities known as…Read More

Chu-mon Gate

The Chu-mon Gate is located on the grounds of the Danjo Garan Sacred Temple Complex. The gate was rebuilt on the 1,200th anniversary…Read More

Danjo Garan Sacred Temple Complex

The establishment of the Danjo Garan Sacred Temple Complex dates back to the days of Kobo Daishi, who founded…Read More

Konpo Daito

This impressive pagoda was originally constructed during the 9th Century, and the original structure is considered the first of its kind in Japan…Read more


The original creation of the Kondo dates back to 819, and since that time the hall has been the center for many of the Buddhist services…Read more

Miyashiro Shrine

Miyashiro Shrine is located on the grounds of the Danjo Grana Sacred Temple Complex. Here the deities Niutsu Hime and Kariba Myojin…Read More


Okuno-in is considered one of the holiest sites in Koyasan, and it is said that is here that Kobo Daishi waits in eternal…Read More

The Lotus Pond

The lotus pond is located near the grounds of the Danjo Garan Sacred Temple Complex and was built in 1771. There is a small shrine…Read More

Nyonin-do Hall

Until the modernization of Japan in the late 19th Century women were forbidden from entering Koyasan…Read More

Tokugawa Mausoleum

The Tokugawa Mausoleum was built by the third Shogun of Japan-Tokugawa Iemitsu. The mausoleum was constructed…Read More