World Heritage Koyasan

World Heritage Koyasan

In July 2004, various sites in Koyasan and the surrounding pilgrimage routes that lead into and around the sacred grounds were registered as World Heritage Sites. This registration includes Koya Sankei-michi and Choishi-michi Routes, six locations connected to the head Shingon Temple Kongobu-ji, and 12 other buildings within Koyasan.

Below are some of the notable registered World Heritage Sites in and around Koyasan

Honzan Area (Kongobu-ji Head Temple)

Danjo Garan Sacred Temple Complex

Dai-mon Gate Area

Kongosanmai-in Temple Area

Tokugawa Mausoleum Area

Koya Sankei-michi Pilgrimage Routes
  • Choishi-michi Route (Kudoyama-Town Jison-in Temple — The Danjo Garan Sacred Temple Complex — Okuno-in)
  • Nyonin-michi Route
  • Kyo Osaka-michi Route Fudo-zaka
  • Kuroko-michi
  • Kumano Pilgrim Route, Kohechi Route (Koyasan — Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine)
Wakayama World Heritage Center

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