This Website is for basic tourism info. and tips while you stay in Koyasan. Please enjoy your staying in Koyasan.

General Rules

Please observe proper decorum while visiting Koyasan’s holy sites.

General Rules

Things you must NOT do:
[At temples and shrines]
・Talk loudly
・Bring pets
・Walk while using a smartphone
・Talk on phones

[After crossing Gobyo-bashi Bridge]
・Remove your hat

Rules for Pilgrimages in the Kii Mountains

・Treat the Routes with care to preserve them as a “Site of Mankind”.
・Tread respectfully among the spirits of prayers from ancient times.
・Celebrate our humanity with a smile and greeting to other pilgrims.
・Do not bring any animals or plants here.
・Prepare a plan and equipment, and walk with at a responsible pace.
・Do not stray from the path.
・Be careful with fire.
・Carry your garbage out. Keep the paths beautiful.

For details see this website: Wakayama Prefecture – The World Heritage Registration Association

Visiting the Temples


Zuko is used for the purification of your body and soul. Referenced in sutras, it is thought to have been used since ancient times and uses a mixture of about 10 Eastern herbs. It is rubbed on the hands to purify the body and soul during temple visits, sutra reading, or sutra copying (Shakyo).

Water-facing Jizo

With the clear, flowing Tama-gawa River behind, bodhisattvas of the Goddess of Mercy are lined up here. Visitors to Okuno-in seek out Mizumuke Jizo (Water-facing Jizo) and pray for the eternal rest of their ancestors by offering water.

How to worship:
1. Write the name of the ancestor on a Toba (wooden tablet).
2. Put the Toba into a basket in front of the statues.
3. Splash a lot of water onto the Jizo statue for the soul of the ancestor.


A “Toba” is a long slender stick used for memorial services. Toba are used in memorial services for ancestors and the dead.

Rental Cycles

¥400/hour (¥100 for each additional 30 minutes)
Bicycles are available for hire at the Koyasan Shukubo Association Central Office.
Please note that some areas, including Danjo Garan and Okunoin, cannot be entered by bicycle.

Combination Ticket (Shodo-Kyotsu-Naihaiken)

This ticket covers admission fees to six major tourist destinations or activities in Koyasan:

  • Kongobu-ji Head Temple
  • Reihokan Museum
  • Konpon Daito Pagoda
  • Kon-do Hall
  • Tokugawa Mausoleum
  • Jukai Ceremony at Daishi Kyokai

The tickets are on sale at the Koyasan Shukubo Association Offices, Danjo Garan, Daishi Kyokai, and elsewhere.

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