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Pilgrimage Route to Koyasan

Pilgrimage Route to Koyasan

Once Kobo Daishi Kukai sat in eternal meditation in Okuno-in, his belief spread well and people began visiting Koyasan.
Then, they formed pilgrimage roads to Koyasan. The main 7 routes were called the “Koya Nana-kuchi”.
Among these seven, the pilgrimage route from Jiso-in temple in Kudoyama-Town to Dai-mon Gate at the west of Koyasan is called “Koyasan Choishi-michi Route”.
Wooden stupa were placed here as road signs when Kobo Daishi Kukai founded the temple here.
Now, the wooden stupa is replaced for stone stupa in Kamakura Period(1185-1333)
Also, women were originally forbidden in Koyasan and were not allowed to enter, so Nyonin-do Hall were built as safe havens for women at the entrance to each of the seven routes.
When female believers wanted to worship at Kobo Daishi Goby Mausoleum, they were said to travel around the Nyonin-do Hall among the Hachiyo-renge mountains.
*The mountain range around Koyasan is inhabited by bears, so please be careful.

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